I’v decided to expand my top ten albums of all-time, to my top 50 albums of all- time…I haven’t given them in any particular order… well top ten is close to the order I would have picked… but I may have changed it. I’ve probably missed loads that would have got in there, and there is only one per Artiste… because a list of Bowie, siouxsie and talking Heads is not very interesting or informative.

  1. Diamond Dogs – David Bowie
  2. The Scream – Siouxsie & the Banshees
  3. Remain In Light – Talking Heads
  4. Pretenders I – Pretenders
  5. Moving Targets – Penetration
  6. Stranded – Roxy Music
  7. Scared To Dance – The Skids
  8. Marks TO Prove It – The Maccabees
  9. Leaders Of The Free World – Elbow
  10. Treasure – Cocteau Twins
  11. Scorpio Rising – Death In Vegas
  12. The Lion and The Cobra – Sinead O’Connor
  13. New Gold Dream – Simple Minds
  14. Becoming X – Sneaker Pimps
  15. Dare – The Human League
  16. Dark Side Of The Moon – Pink Floyd
  17. Hounds of Love – Kate Bush
  18. Nevermind – Nirvana
  19. Together Alone – Crowded House
  20. Mixed Up – The Cure
  21. Dog Man Star – Suede
  22. Blue Lines – Massive Attack
  23. Go! – Moby
  24. Sweep Of Days – Blue Foundation
  25. Barbara, We Face a Shining Future – Underworld
  26. Dummy – Portishead
  27. Part Of The Process – Morcheeba
  28. Come Home To Mama – Martha Wainwright
  29. Give ’em Enough Rope – The Clash
  30. Shaved Fish – John Lennon
  31. Joan Armatrading – Joan Armatrading
  32. Unknown Pleasures – Joy Division
  33. Kilamanjaro – Teardrop Explodes
  34. So Long Mari-anne – Leonard Cohen
  35. Night Time – Killing Joke
  36. Dust & Guitars – This Mortal Coil
  37. Rattus Norvegicus – The Stranglers
  38. Never Mind The Bollox – Sex Pistols
  39. Dance On Fire – The Doors
  40. Damned, Damned Damned – The Damned
  41. Songs From The Big Chair – Tears For fears
  42. Parallel Lines – Blondie
  43. Push the Button – The Chemical Brothers
  44. Star – Belly
  45. My Life In The Bush of Ghosts – Byrne & Eno
  46. Mutations – Beck
  47. Time To Go Home – Chastity Belt
  48. Violater – Depeche Mode
  49. So Tonight I Might See – Mazzy Star
  50. Kidsticks – Beth Orton

I shall come back to this list at a later date… May be ascribe chart positions, but to be fair I’m just looking forward to playing them all week on my mp3 player in my van!

Live In Love my pop picking chums

Dale xxx



I have been befriended by quite a few musicians over the years, but Morgan Is quite literally my oldest friend! I love these two singles off his new album, which I can’t wait to hear.

This next video is released by Phonik  records, by Tony Goff and the Broken Colours,

the bass player is a personal friend of mine and my son,

This next video is by a new friend Jasper Vo, the music is not to my taste but i like his video,

Here is a neat little punk band, friends of mine on twitter

Another friend of twitter with an amazing voice!

Another band from my friends on twitter, NIGHTCARS

Another great electronic band who I  have as friends on twitter,

Another band of my own flavour, Kill Iris,

I’ve had quite a lot on interest in this band, The Sunpilots

Love these guys… Propaganjah

Follows of mine for the longest time Calling all astronauts, cool song mighty fine looking guitar..

I think I have mentioned everyone who has material available. I’m gratified to have so many talented friends



invert upside

Anybody who has followed my blog will have realised that I have had a moment of madness. I deleted all of my blogs as an un-requested  grand gesture. This was a long arduous task to completely remove them… But I almost managed it. The reasons for this aberration are private and personal, suffice to say that I had hurt the person who means everything to me.  I thought that this grand gesture would prove my undying love. Apparently, I did not have to prove that, I just had to understand how my familiarity with other writers could be inappropriate. I realise that this caused a great deal of hurt and this was something I never wanted to do. So, after a few days, I felt that some of my poetry and prose was worth keeping. Together, we have managed to patch most of my blogs back together. By using google cache and my twitter tweets, I have reclaimed all the blogs now available on my site. Most have been placed in the archives. The tracks of my years series are new, I’d been planning it since my birthday last week.

I have been a little reticent to create new blogs apart from this, because I’m not sure how I want to continue it forward. I mean, I enjoyed making playlists for each blogs, but it is quite labour intensive. I know that some of my readers enjoy the playlists, but others find it an annoyance. Similarly, as much as I enjoy reading other blogs, with the amount I followed it was taking me more time to read and like their blogs than it was to write my own. So I have cleaved back the amount of follows I give out. This is not because I’m selfish, just because I have so little spare time. I need to create.

I need more time. I’m starting to paint again, write again, I’m even considering doing a sculpture. I hate to be ungracious, but time, at my age, comes at a premium. I have to try to do as much as I can. I want my Grand-daughter to be able to come to this archive and find out who her granddad was… Maudlin, but with my health as it is, I have no guarantee that I will be around that long.

So if I’m not as attentive as I have been, I apologise. If you wish to stop reading my blogs thats quite alright, I realise that your time is valuable too.

Thank you all for making feel at home in this community.

Live in Love




These two Ellie and Freya, make my soul sing with joy, my grenades of joy! They have filled my old body with their youthful exuberance. I have spent only one night apart from them since we first got them on the same day back on 27th August 2016. I have them sleeping on a mattress beside our bed. I have a sympatico with them, they know me better than any human, as I am like a God to them. They think I am made of chocolate. It is the nature of dogs to impart all their love and trust in their pack leader, which is in this case me. I wear the crown lightly, I am not a demigod, I imbue love to each of them as is their want. Ellie likes food, no not likes, obsesses about food, she is part labrador and it is genetically encoded. Freya is obsessed with T.V. and stares at me until I give in and put it on for her. Not just any t.v. program will do, it has to be about animals… If its something I want to watch, which to be fair is rarely, she will whine until I change the channel. That is why they are pictured in a blog about soul. They are my soul’s ease.

What I wanted to write about was the way this blog has gladdened my soul, I have followers and follow people all over the world. So many nice, friendly, and talented people from so many different backgrounds, this is a revelation to me. when i started my blog, it was about reaching out to my friends, my family, and people who might want to know me better. It was about breaking my block, writers block, and I thought that may be a few people might be interested in what I had to say. To my surprise and delight, I have had readers from all over the globe… 61 different nationalities… Totally mind-blowing… Now I have been published as a poet, written articles in newspapers and magazines, performed as an actor on the professional stage, had my paintings up on many walls; but in all that time and artistic endeavours, I’ve reached no more than a few thousand people in a locality of a few hundred miles at most… Here… in the space of a few months I have reached thousands from all over the globe. 61 countries? From Nepal my friend  Ankit, to palestine territories, to russia, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Latvia… All over the world, so many friends, all striving to write their important thoughts in English as a 2nd language… Some writing so beautifully in English it makes your heartache. And there are others like my friend Nazim, who is making baby steps to reach a level of writing which can reach our language. So many nice, decent people,  who reach out and support one another through their artistic efforts, coming from so diverse frames of reference… Poetry, prose, points of view, art from many different perspectives, be it just an artistic need or a social or psychological need. All have important words to impart, all giving of their soul. I delight in reading their efforst, and I delight in them reading mine, and commenting, words of encouragement. This community shows what we, ordinary people, can do. We can create a better world just by sharing and being open with one another. I know this sounds like a hippy trip, 60’s dude trying to lay peace on the world. But Peace is that easy, it is about sharing and being open to each other.

Thanks to all for reading, thank you all for giving me hope.




Waiting for her man. (unfinished)


Bluebell wood. Painted for my mom.


Sunset ( painted for my friend Di)


Adiporn (Painted for James My son)


Owl ( painted for me. It hangs on my Wall)


Lilith in moonlight ( painted for my beloved)


Transient ( Painted as a part of a series connecting words and products)


Abstract ( exploring ways to mess with Mondrian)


Dolphin ( my Favourite painting I’ve ever done. It took me years to work out how to get to simplicity)


Watching? ( Poor photo of the original, which i gave to a girl who liked it)


Sunset ( part of my Marie/Lilith series)


Mourning the dog

Just a few of my paintings.





Whispered words of a wanton wisdom

Of Life, Of Death and sentences in between…

We say the words expected and accepted,

Words of comfort and of ease…

Does this mean the words are magic?

Do they come redolent with the powers

Of their meanings, of all their meanings?

A Simulacrum of their conscious reality?

I don’t know.

I sit on this rock and temper the stream…

Shouting words of encouragement.

Copyright Dale Beck 2018.




On being too old to keep up with the modern world,

‘You don’t have to keep up dear, you just have to keep open’ Anna madrigal in Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin.



I am have been very fortunate. At my age, 58 in two weeks time, I should by rights, have been ghettoized in a musical dead-end. Kids from the 50’s would tell us in the 70’s that music began and ended with Elvis and blue -Suede shoes… 60’s teens were back at home with their Beatles and Stones, to riff on a line from Bowie. So, by this equation, I should be shining my fading vinyl of Slade or Bowie and telling my kids… Modern Music is rubbish. Well, there was a period of the 80’s when I felt I had lost the thread of modern music, apart from Talking Heads, Simple Minds and Cocteau Twins… I pretty much missed the 80’s. I found salvation by going to University as a mature Student. Going back to education meant I was once more exposed to the music that other people were listening to. This Took me over the hump into the early 90’s. Here again I lost the direction of music. I had to work in the ministry. No music was allowed. Then again I broke out started working in the theatre and mixed with young people again. Here, my fellow actors introduced me to REM and Nirvana. Amazing revelations. Then my children grew up. They started to listen to new metal and Indy music. So once again, I was exposed to the NEW. Each time I almost became stuck in a ghetto of the past, someone threw me down a live-line. In the late 90’s I had d.j. friends exposing me to dance music, trance and trip-hop. In 2000, I got a computer, and all music was suddenly available. Nowadays all music is available all the time. No excuses, you should never become stuck in a genre… You don’t have to keep up… Just keep open.




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I just called my beloved, Len.

I name I have rarely used… It’s not that common in the modern world.

But It was the name of my Granddad.  A man even my mum never met.

So it’s official. I have turned into my Nan.

I’m used to vowel aphasia ….

I speak with a vowel impediment.

My vowel movements are legendary.

But Now I have consonant constipation as well?

Luckily, my language disembowelling

Does not stretch to the written word.

So we should be safe here.

Len you never send me flowers…

I know .

I’ve got my coat.

Copyright Dale Beck 2018.





Ouroboros, where to begin and where to end,

The cycle is a circle, from our line of sight…

But, It is really a spiral, trust me on this,

We move in all dimensions, space and time.

  1. Is a fingernail, a scratch of light in the sky
  2. is a crescent, a scythe slashing across virgin black
  3. is a half , a pizza cutter breaking black to blue
  4. is a hump, latinised: for science is sorcery
  5. and then it is remade whole and wholesome.

The return reverses but goes in order.

So much for sequences.

Mother moon, she breeds and bleeds,

Sacred as a Goddess, primordial and primeval,

A bloated belly. A dragging sensation.

But yet this is lunacy. A scream in the night.

White light an electric fork.

Bathe me in your sweet and sacred light Lilith

Take the child I raise to your pure light.

copyright Dale Beck 2018

This is not what i wanted but it is what I have. I was trying to explore the different cultural ambiguities of the moon, which throughout time has been both pure and mad, maternal and dangerous.

I may have to come back to it when I can recast the fragments, and re-read the runes.





My love, I’m a Fool for you,

Always, and only for you,

I create pillars in the sky,

To see if I can still fly,

But you are my eternal reality.


I marvel at conjuring tricks,

Wily words of wonderous awe,

but I never waiver from the path,

I am a tinderbox for your love

And You are my eternal reality.


My love, I am a fool for you,

And only for you, always!

I am beholden by word of God,

A promise never to be broken

I am your eternal reality.

copyright Dale Beck 2018