This is the problem. You all keep belly-aching about global warming and the degradation of the planet, but when some people demonstrate about it by blocking a road, or joining a rally, you moan that they are delaying you from getting to work…

And that there, in a nutshell is the heart of the problem. You want things to change, you pay lip service to saving the world, but only want it on your terms. You want the change providing it doesn’t effect you. You want to carry on your lifestyle, buying the new i-phone, having a new car etc. etc. but those goodies you crave are the reason the world is in disarray.

You cannot save the planet by maintaining the status quo. You cannot have unbridled capitalism and a decent ecology. The two are mutually exclusive. The only way to stop the destruction is to change the methodology of the economy. Make things to last, treasure and maintain that which you already have. Whilst we continue to have a society which venerates the new and throws away the old, the world is doomed.

Dale M 2021

Published by dale.beck1@hotmail.com

I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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