The revision of the revision is complete,

until the next revision is due.

With His story, fact is muteable,

The winner takes it all…

for now.

The winner is never immutable,

because strength fades and

another champion claims all past laurels.

Many heroes are exxed out of the story,

and only memories hold them still,

Until finally they are cleansed,

photo-shopped out of the frame.

And even as you deny this,

how many heroes are you submerging?

cleansing from your pantheon,

Because the old values are no more?

The moveable feast of our past,

Make maintaining a time line difficult,

Because who we were, is who we are not,

And those ancient beliefs stick in the craw,

like fois gras, or delicious baby veal steaks,

The old ways are beyond the pale.

In this quicksand, finding a footing,

Is illusory, like God, the sands shift,

And good is then bad, and bad inevitable,

The only way to combat history,

is to hold on to your memories,

no matter how false they themselves might be…

Dale M 2021.

Published by dale.beck1@hotmail.com

I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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