My Dad just gave me the most helpful advice on how to deal with my depression, his words of wisdom were, pull myself together and stop feeling sorry for myself…

Yeah Dad, thats amazingly insightful, I have never considered pulling myself together or to stop feeling sorry for myself. Obviously I am being sarcastic.

People who have not suffered with depression have no comprehension what it is all about. You wouldn’t say to someone who has cancer to pull themselves together, yet depression is just as much a clinical ailment as cancer, just because it’s occurring in your mind does not make it any the less real. Do people really think that someone with depression wants to feel like this?

Do you really think I want to spend the rest of my life in bed?

Anyway, point made, and my Father’s words of wisdom have convinced me of one thing, I need professional help. I have always been able to moderate my depression by myself, but this time I feel it is beyond me. So tomorrow morning I will seek my doctor’s advice.

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      1. He’s small and I need to be strong for both. God was it hard last year. I thought I’d cream my brains out, and when I described it to an acquaintance (it was easier to confide to sb who doesn’t really know me), she said, oh hon, you’re depressed, plz see a dr. And I said, I’m a mom, I don’t have time for myself now.

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