Remember the precipice walk around Dolgellau,

You in your tight blue jeans which took me aback,

Like you were still the girl from 1976,

And we picked up sticks all the way around,

Just in case we ran out of gas…

We ran out of gas… You pouted like a little girl,

What no tea?

I made a fire, boiled the kettle whilst you sulked,

and when I called you out , you saw the cup…

You smiled almost in spite of yourself,

And said It was the best cup of tea ever…

And we sat and drank our brew and smoked dope,

and watched the sun slide down below the horizon.

That was a fun time. We saw dolphins not twenty yards away from the shore.

It was tight in the little tent and I built a kitchen beside it,

and we swore that we would never part… never be apart


This is yearning I feel every day. One of two is no number to be.

Dale M 2021

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I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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