There was a time when lace was the greatest of treasures in old England, the theft of which was warranting death by hanging or at least transportation for a seven year stretch. Similarly, the was a time when tulip bulbs were worth their weight in gold or more in old Amsterdam. Fortunes were made and lost on the purchase of a single bulb.

These vagaries of mercantile currency are always a shock when the fashion turns and they are rendered worthless… who remembers those who lost their fortunes when over exposed by the South Sea Bubble?

What’s my point?

Since the end of the 2nd world war, we have been sold a pup. A vision of an unending prosperous future. Where money was an inalienable feature of our world. It would always be there, safe as houses, money in the bank. This is a fallacy, we have already tasted the failure of banking in 2008… pensions were lost, bank credits disappeared…

It was a salutary lesson that no-one took serious. I’m here to report that the real crash is only just coming into focus. Already each and every Government are mortgaging our futures as recklessly as the sub-prime mortgage vendors. Staving off the future because today is when we need it… We have built a castle out of sand and the tide is coming in.

Where does this take us? I don’t know. I don’t believe being a survivalist is the way, a room full of victuals will only last so long and then what?

The truth is capitalism has died. The wealth has become so tightly enmeshed with just a few corporations that the checks and balances so widely proselytized by the right have ceased to have any significance. The promise of market forces no longer have any validity. If the few have all the keys to production, to cost and price due to them operating a cabal without balance, there is no so-called check or balance. What we have is fascism.

How do we escape this state?

Well here in England it is not going to be through political measures, the labour party has been usurped once more by the knighted hypocrisy of the middle classes.

We need a new language of discursive society. The party model is not fit for purpose. We need individuals who want to see a more equitable society. We need to realise that shiny consumerism is killing our planet. Let’s change that. Let’s make things that last, no in-built obsolescence… This is the crux. In-built obsolescence is the very essence of Capitalism. These are essential to create excess value. Excess value is where the CEO’s and shareholders make their profit.

We have lost sight of why we should work. We should be creating a community where everyone has enough for their needs, and creating goods which only lead to this goal. Not goods which create an excess value which can be skimmed by the few.

This is a warning. I’m not the future, I’m the past, I’m the left-wing radical whose lost is faith… But you can take these crumbs and follow the route back into the sunlight.



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