I’ve got to say, regardless of the political or medical incongruencies behind the lockdown, this third term is striking me hard. I find I cannot go to my usual recourses to escape the boredom, painting, writing etc, seem played out… I don’t feel that they will alleviate the ennui I’m feeling. This time feels like I’m in solitary confinement, without a baseball to bounce off the walls of my room. All of my media outlets are no longer sustaining my interior monologue… I’m just playing chess against a computer and even at the highest setting the computer is not a very good player…

I was already in a chronically depressive state, and the lack of company is getting me down. Janet is a hundred miles away and I dare not drive down there in case I’m arrested… This sounds ridiculous but only yesterday people were fined for travelling five miles into the country with a cup of coffee, which the police claimed could constitute a picnic. The world has ceased to make even a modicum of sense or common sense.

Janet says another week will see her lose her mind completely. I don’t feel I have that long to wait, unless I can find someway of provoking some interest in a new hobby I will atrophy. I miss my kids, my beloved and my Phoenix. I know I am not alone in these feelings but it’s hard to take solace in being one of a community of isolates.

When was the last time you spoke to someone outside of your family members?

It’s over a month since I spoke to anyone in real life, not on facetime etc.

How do we actually protect our mental health when everything and everyone is beyond comprehension?

asking for a friend…

Dale m

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5 thoughts on “THIRD LOCKDOWN

  1. If it wasn’t for my boy, I wouldn’t have gone nuts a long time ago. I force myself out of bad, I force myself to read and write, I force myself to eat now, not later, I force myself to go to bed earlier.
    I don’t see anyone either. My blogging friends help me preserve my sanity. We comfort each other when we fall down.

    Hang in there, Dale. This will pass. It has to.

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  2. I am lucky in having Hubby, and our neighbour is part of our support bubble as she lives alone.
    I text her every day and today we did some shopping including a few things for her which we dropped at the gate.
    We sometimes see people on our walks around the estate, keep our distance and chat one side of the road to the other. In the evenings, many residents are leaving their blinds open and wave as we go by, which we return.
    Does your friend have dogs to take out?
    Are they part of a support bubble?
    Can they skype to anyone? (We did that with my brother in NZ on Christmas Eve/their Christmas morning. Great to see them)
    Are they able to go shopping or have home delivery?
    Sorry if it’s coming across as twenty questions, but it’s just a few thoughts as a means of communication. We have a lot of elderly residents here and everyone looks out for each other.


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