I have read that covid 19 can be cured with a treatment which on the face of it seems inexpensive and readily available… Chloroquine. Apparently, this course of treatment has been 100% effective when it has been used. So, if this is truly most efficacious in every way, why is it not being shipped out to all the people who may be susceptible to the disease? Wouldn’t it be  far more effective to supply it to all who need it and then let society carry on with it’s life? The only answer I can see is that this agenda is being played out for ulterior motives… and that is to crash the world’s economy. Obviously I am no expert on epidemiology or economics, but wouldn’t it be more sensible to approach the spread of the virus by providing those at risk with the drugs required to stave of the worst effects of the disease, than to shut down the whole of society with draconian measures. Let’s shout this reality out and stop the nonsense of inertia.

We are a social animal, we need the society of our friends and family, or else we go stir crazy!

stay safe my friends.

Dale ‘m’  we with the absent J

2 thoughts on “CHLOROQUINE?

  1. Dale, as we talk about this particular anti-malarial drug is concerned, I can bet you that panic buying ,hoarding and scalping had already occurred with it right now. Anything that is perceived as a cure for COVID-19 will be sought after indeed. The economic law of supply and demand prevails. Great demand entails more supply to be produced and therefore, higher price.

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