I had to go for blood tests just before I went away, as I had avoided them for two years. I’m supposed to have extensive tests every twelve months because I have too much ferritin in my blood or Hemochromatosis  as it is known with chronic sufferers. So I was kind of expecting bad news… What I wasn’t expecting was the fact I am massively deficient in vitamin D! My doctor wrote to me and prescribed massive doses of Vitamin D for the next seven weeks! He was concerned that left unchecked I could suffer from rickets. Given that lack of Vitamin D is the source of S.A.D. syndrome, it probably explains to some extent my on-going depression, and my lack of energy.

So now I have a new default setting, not only do I have Stenosis, Spondalitis, a mild Hemochromotosis, depression… but also a lack of vitamin D to add to my growing list of ailments. Used to be, long long ago, that whenever I heard of a new sickness I used to convince myself I had it. These days I collect labels like stamps…

And I think Fuck it! I’m old shit happens.

Have a nice day.


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