Went swimming for the first time since this picture, probably 3 years ago. Given that my back is becoming worse and I am becoming more immobile, I thought that swimming might give me a chance to free up my movement. My spine is not going to get any better, with bot spondalitis and stenosis, but if I can keep my muscles developed and working, it should help to keep me mobile as long as possible. So Janet and I went swimming. It was quite joyous to be able to swim, to move my body easier, to flex and even dance around in the water, with the weight taken off my spine. I felt alive again. I felt free. At the end of the session I walked up the steps and as soon as my torso emerged from the water, the pain came flooding back… It was a revelation to realise just how much pain I live with daily. The moments without pain was a blessing and a curse, depending on your  mental outlook. It was a blessing to feel what it was like to be free of pain, even if it was only for a short while. The curse was that as soon as you remove the added buoyancy of water, the pain resolutely returns.

If I can force myself to go regularly, I’m sure swimming will aid my level of mobility, and stave off the next level which I dread.

Dale ‘m’

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