Does anyone else feel like we have somehow fallen into A kind of Biff reality time-line?

Did Trump or Johnson slip back in time and take us into this shit show reality by design?

In this election, here in England, every single Conservative Party spokesperson that has stood up to speak have simply lied. Literally, everyone. And they have all been shown to be lying… Yet they still have a massive lead in the polls, according to the media. What ever happened to us all… That we will accept leaders who lie to us… Where is our sense of outrage? Am I the only one who finds lying unacceptable in our political leaders?

Not only that, the  Tory party seem to be using Game theory to play the whole Country, they seem to be using the same truth manipulation techniques of Trump and the Russian influencers, changing twitter accounts to look like fact finding groups rather than their own party account. Using a site called The Labour to attack the labour manifesto… When did this type of behaviour become acceptable?

Whatever happened to good practice in Government?

I despair.

Please God, let Marty find the Almanac and return this reality to some sort of semblance of decency.

Dale ‘m’

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