1. All The Madmen – David Bowie
  2. Summer Madness – Kool & The Gang
  3. Mad World – Tears For Fears
  4. Mad-Eyed Screamer – The Creatures
  5. The Day My Pad Went Mad – John Cooper Clarke
  6. Mad Lucas – The Breeders
  7. Madness – Prince Buster
  8. Mad Lad – Chuck Berry
  9. In The Morning ( When The Madness Has Faded) – The Tourists
  10. Mad John – The Small Faces
  11. Madhouse – The Professionals
  12. Love Her Madly – The Doors
  13. I Love You Madly -The Fantastic Four
  14. I’m Mad – Slade
  15. The Madding Crowd – Killing Joke
  16. Mad About You – Hooverphonic
  17. Madder – Groove Armada
  18. Sister Madly – Crowded House
  19. Mad Sounds – Artic Monkeys
  20. One Step Beyond – Madness

Too many lies are taken as truths, I cannot even begin to explain what I mean… It would take 250,000 words even to scratch the surface… And nobody reads more than a sentence…. So what is the point!

Have a nice day.


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