I have a pint of red maggots from yesterday, if I don’t use them they turn into casters and then flies… I don’t feel like going fishing… So I have a dilemma, what to do?

Yesterday I sat on the canal bank frustrated as hell, as barge after barge came passed, my two rods sat passively on the edge of the bank. Each time I baited the swim another barge would appear menacingly around the corner. From 7.30 in the morning until 2.30 in the afternoon, I sat and got more and more annoyed… bloody school holidays and middle-class families. Don’t be so tight! Take your kids to the seaside you tight bastards!

I looked at these poor kids and women sat on their barges, the former glued to their phones, the latter sat with their knitting, and at the Fathers… Manfully living out their childhood fantasy of being a Captain  of a ship.

I call them onions… Onion Bargees.

This is the thing… I’m all for taking your family out into the countryside, It’s good for the soul, but the majority of the families enjoying a barge holiday are not in fact enjoying the experience, they are not taking in the scenery, they are playing on their f*cking phones!

So if they are not having fun, why do they have to ruin mine?

Ok, probably not a popular view, I’ll get my coat, take my maggots and go back to the breach… once more with feeling!

Dale beloved of ‘M’… who wouldn’t be fishing if she was here!

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