Here’s a big number:

seven billion, billion,billion.

Atoms in a normal body…

Given my weight you can add 20%.

2/3 rds of this number can be discounted

as they are Hydrogen atoms…

basic building blocks.

So 2.8 billion,billion,billion

parts of my body were created in supernovas.

All the interesting stuff, the bits that make brains,

The blood,the goo, the heart…

All escaped the pull of a star,

At close to the speed of light.

We are not talking just one event…

Given the multiplicity of atoms…

We are talking an infinite number,

Of catastrophic events…

Imagine that!

An innumerable amount of stars

Died in the most spectacular way,

Just to create me.

And not just me…

Every single person, animal, vegetable, mineral, planet and moon…

Created out of destruction.

Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva….


Just spin that little thought around in your head…

and ask yourself a simple question,

Is it accidental?

Or is it by design?

God knows!

Only God knows…

and that’s the truth.

Copyright  Dale Beck 2018

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