So sick of only being able to be  normal and engaged for about three days at a time. When I went away with the kids, I was fully engaged for three days, then I took to my bed, too sad to share how I was feeling, I claimed a dodgy back. Here in Cornwall, the same for three days I felt normal, but on day four I’m back hiding away and every day since. This is depression. You know the answer, to just get up and do stuff, but it isn’t easy.

This week I have forced myself to get up and do something every day, even though I wanted to curl up and die. Each day I have forced myself to enjoy the things I’ve done, even as I had tears in my eyes, missing my angel so much…

I asked her yesterday, why is it I FEEL SO SAD every time I think about you? I mean you are the most cherished memory in my life, so why can’t I just enjoy the memories?


6 thoughts on “THREE DAY WEEK

  1. You’re doing great even when you feel sad. You are processing your emotions and even when you take time out from being with a group of people, it is positive. You are giving your emotions time to catch up with your life!

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  2. Sometimes to help myself get a tiny bit or relief from this pattern, I focus on the fun times, the happy memories, remember the laughter, the little things that we took for granted, Dale. And then I focus on my responsibilities and if none of that works, I focus on my dogs and call someone. I’ve been working with a grief counselor for the past eight months or so, which also helps. I also write to Nick. I know that sounds weird but it’s been instrumental in helping me process. its part of my daily routine and it’s a widely kept secret of mine. I think it’s the secrecy of the writing to him that somehow makes it feel more real to me. I pretend he can see them because, in my mind and heart, he’s always around me…..

    I’m so deeply deeply sorry for your loss, Dale. You’re not alone.

    You’re pal,

    K 😍

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      1. I’m sure Maria is proud of you, as well. You’re so strong and you and your blog has helped me feel less alone because I know you know what I’m feeling. 💕 Have a good night, mister! Hug

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