Took my beloved’s ashes to scatter at Dovedale in Derbyshire.  It was a nice morning and I needed to do something to lift my despair. So I scattered her ashes in the river and bade her farewell, have a good journey down to the ocean my love… catch you up on the next tide. Of course I ended up wearing some of her… Things happen that way for me. I make everything difficult for myself. At least my dogs got to have a good walk!

In the end, the ashes are not her. The ashes are no more her than the contents of the vacuum cleaner. I was holding on to them as if they were her, but the her I love is now inside me, a memory of true love. I will cherish that part of her for the rest of my days.

Dale ‘M’


    1. we had everything in front of us when we went there for a picnic… a moment of bliss, in a world of pain… its a moment to savour


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