Trying to deal with all the rigmarole, of insurance, Coroners court, bank accounts and so on, has left me feeling punch drunk this afternoon. I have three pages of telephone numbers I need to keep informed of all events, remembering who I have told what and when, my head is literally spinning… It’s been productive but as with all of life’s stress situations, you often feel like you’re banging your head on a brick wall!

By the afternoon I feel totally overwhelmed by grief. The sadness sits like a storm front over my head… I feel guilty about shouting at the dogs… They are not used to this sort of behaviour… Our household is not one full of raised voices, Marie and I never argued. In eight years, we lived in harmony. Now, all is dissonance, there is a jumble of emotions, which I cannot control.

I guess its all a part of the process.


10 thoughts on “PUNCH DRUNK

      1. I understand. But try yo see yourself through the eyes of Marie, through the eyes of love.
        And being compassionate with yourself also means to take good care of yourself.
        Just do things one by one, hour by hour, don’t look forward too much, take your rest.
        It’s all a nightmare and a rollercoaster of emotions… let all those waves pass through you, feel and express.
        You can do this, Dale

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