Minus five but the wind-chill makes it double

and the snow lies to a depth of five inches.

The doorway offers little protection…

A little protection from the wind…

But not the snow.

The snow covers half the sleeping bag

and even his woollen hat…

Has a smattering.


It’s only the noise of his teeth

Chattering like old fish-wives,

that alerts you to the fact:-

He’s still alive!

Alive but the cold is in his bones…

Not even old bones,

now there is the rub!


He is a boy despite his bristling beard,

and he owns nothing in this world…

Not a thing… but a habit!

And no-one cares, not even his parents,

He has no friends, but a dealer.


And this is the great new world…

the great promise of Capitalism…

I know… You may stifle a yawn,

not this old turkey…

yet another strand of socialism…

So I won’t bore you.

But it is wrong,

Horribly wrong,

and I can’t stop caring,

no I can’t stop!

copyright Dale Beck 2018

Published by

I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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