I’ve waited and waited for Kirsty Young to give me a call… but No call cometh … So I’m going to have to do my own bloody show!

So Dale, I believe from an early age you have been interested in music?

Yes Paddy, that’s right, I would spend hours playing the few L.P’s my Parents owned. My favourite group was The Beatles prior to my teenage years… I loved to sing along to all those mono playing early Beatles albums, but to pick one track it would have to be:


Simply because I like the lyrical structure, and because John sings in my key… I used to sing sweetly to my girlfriends of that age… imagine that? How cringe-making… I had no Shame! No change there…

My 2nd choice has to be Seasons in the Sun by Terry Jacks. This came out in the summer of 1974, just months after my brother Jerry died. I cried all bloody summer, but it is the song that makes me think of him.


What to say about my brother Jerry… he was 4 years younger, so I had to always give him a lead to get him to play football, rugby (banned from the house after i dived through the glass window in the lounge. Four stitches. Another scar, he pushed me on to the corner of a tin box broken on the corner, two-inch gash on my bum, the scar remains… He does not. We fought all the time, but I was fiercely protective and wouldn’t let anyone else say a bad word against him.

My third choice has to be Five Years by David Bowie. Not my favourite Bowie song, which is sweet thing trilogy off Diamond Dogs, but it has the lines :

‘I think I saw you in an ice-cream parlour, drinking milk shakes cold and long
Smiling and waving and looking so fine, don’t think
You knew you were in this song’

And every time I heard those lyrics I thought of Marie… Every time I heard it for thirty-three years!


One love to last a life-time, one David Bowie, looking Gorgeous as ever!

My fourth song has to be Talking Heads, ‘Once In A Lifetime’. When my two eldest kids, Amy and Nathan were little, we used to have a mad sunday morning, before their Mum got up, dancing around the room like idiots to the Stop Making Sense video… Amy said that this song just reminds her of her childhood,

I used to take them in my arms like latter day refugees from Strictly come dancing, and waltz up and down the lounge… Then we’d do the running on the spot… Crazy fun. natural fun as the tom tom club would say.

Number 5 with a bullet (today) has to be Cocteau twins ‘Lorelei’. John Peel once said that the first time he heard pearly dew drops drops, he had to pull over to the side of the road because it made him weep so much! Well this tune does that for me!


This song epitomizes a period of my life which was quite difficult emotionally, I had a baby daughter and a marriage which wasn’t really working for either of us, though we both tried to make it work! Sometimes things are not meant to be, and after 30 years, you can’t say we didn’t give it a go!

Ok, enough of that, tune number 6 comes from a band that I only really found when I moved in with my lovely lady… Of course it makes me cry, every bloody Elbow song makes me cry, Also I went to see them a couple of years ago with all three of my kids…


Its beautiful and it reminds me of my no.1 hero John Lennon, And listening to it would remind me of the gig with my kids… passing on the baton so to speak!

Only two left? Jesus it’s impossible. All my choices seem so mainstream, not at all like me, but I suppose in the end, it’s not about the music but more about memories so please remember that when you come to judge me!

next has to be Birds of Paradise by The pretenders.


You have to love Chrissie Hynde, probably the nicest person around… according to Morrisey. This is such a beautiful melancholic nostalgia it makes your bones ache to remember… Soul supper…. Eat to the beat! (Marie is the spit of Chrissie… in my opinion not hers, she turns her nose up at the comparison!)

Oh my God, just one song left! I’ve picked this just because it is the perfect pop song, sung with such amazing vocals… Levi Stubbs is the best soul singer in my judgement.


It’s the first song I remember having a video on top of the pops, it was of the tops in a greyhound bus… This might be a false memory, I was six at the time!

Anyway that’s the choices I’ve made, not what I would have imagined making… Tomorrow it might be completely different, can’t believe there is no siouxsie or penetration… No John Lennon as a solo artist.

The Book? I’d have to take a book given to me by my friend Steve Dailly, called

The Black Goddess and the Sixth Sense Hardcover – 22 Oct 1987
by Peter Redgrove (Author)
Which explores the mythology of Kali and other versions of the Black Goddess.
Luxury item: as you can’t take dogs or lovers, it would have to be a plantation of tobacco and a few cannabis plants for medicinal purposes.
live in love my friends
Dale xxx

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I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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