Last Train To Transcentral – KLF

Get on Up – James Brown

Galvanize – Q-tip/ Chemical Brothers

Fasten Your Seatbelt – Pendulum with Freestylers

We are Your Friends ( original mix) – Justice Vs Simian

Rez/Cowgirl – Underworld

Rasputin 12″ inch – Boney M

Release the Pressure – Earl Sixteen/ Leftfield

New York – Sex Pistols

You Disco I freak – Death In Vegas

I See You Baby (fatboy slim radio Mix) – Groove Armada

Dreams – Deep Dish/ Stevie Nicks

Under The Water (Deep Dish Underpressure mix) – Brother Brown

Little Fluffy Clouds – The Orb

Spin Spin Sugar – Sneaker Pimps

Go (Hardwell Remix) – Moby

My Day – Blue Foundation

Moving Dub (Better Things) -Massive Attack vs mad Professor

Being Bolied – Human League

Blood is Pumpin – Voodoo & amp; Serano

Spacewalk – Lemon Jelly

Encore une fois (future Breeze mix)- Sash

Oh Yeah – Yello

Hallo Spaceboy (pet shop boys remix) – David Bowie

Liquid Air (2015 remastered version – Air Liquide

Pacific (Grooverider remix) – 808 state

Something Good – Utah Saints

The over-arching theme of my desert island disco playlist is songs that make you want to get up and dance… You know the feeling, you’re sitting in a dark corner of a dance hall and the opening bars play… You feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise and your feet just take you out to the dance floor, the imperative to dance is all consuming. This playlist runs the gamut of eras from 1970 right up to 2016, Which pretty much covers my dancing years… Though to be fair my dancing, these days, consists of Dad dancing or swinging my pants in a Trev and Simon stylee.

There are a few tracks which may be considered cheesy, like Boney M, but I’ve included them because the 12″ inch version really was the first song I remember that had a messy breakdown and along with Get on Up by James Brown, would turn the disco floor into a writhing mass of humanity…

It is this sense of songs breaking into just a swirl of trance-like mesmeric beats which has always excited me and I hope that you will enjoy my choices.


Had an absolute blast on the show  thanks to all the listeners who were so complimentary, I particularly liked the one who said I should be available on the NHS… I am and at very little cost.

i’ve also had a proposal of marriage which I had to decline but thank you all… and a special thank you to Lauren and Ash and all the team for being so blooming nice…

You made an old man very happy… another bucket list completed.


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