These two Ellie and Freya, make my soul sing with joy, my grenades of joy! They have filled my old body with their youthful exuberance. I have spent only one night apart from them since we first got them on the same day back on 27th August 2016. I have them sleeping on a mattress beside our bed. I have a sympatico with them, they know me better than any human, as I am like a God to them. They think I am made of chocolate. It is the nature of dogs to impart all their love and trust in their pack leader, which is in this case me. I wear the crown lightly, I am not a demigod, I imbue love to each of them as is their want. Ellie likes food, no not likes, obsesses about food, she is part labrador and it is genetically encoded. Freya is obsessed with T.V. and stares at me until I give in and put it on for her. Not just any t.v. program will do, it has to be about animals… If its something I want to watch, which to be fair is rarely, she will whine until I change the channel. That is why they are pictured in a blog about soul. They are my soul’s ease.

What I wanted to write about was the way this blog has gladdened my soul, I have followers and follow people all over the world. So many nice, friendly, and talented people from so many different backgrounds, this is a revelation to me. when i started my blog, it was about reaching out to my friends, my family, and people who might want to know me better. It was about breaking my block, writers block, and I thought that may be a few people might be interested in what I had to say. To my surprise and delight, I have had readers from all over the globe… 61 different nationalities… Totally mind-blowing… Now I have been published as a poet, written articles in newspapers and magazines, performed as an actor on the professional stage, had my paintings up on many walls; but in all that time and artistic endeavours, I’ve reached no more than a few thousand people in a locality of a few hundred miles at most… Here… in the space of a few months I have reached thousands from all over the globe. 61 countries? From Nepal my friend  Ankit, to palestine territories, to russia, Australia, USA, Canada, Italy, Spain, Latvia… All over the world, so many friends, all striving to write their important thoughts in English as a 2nd language… Some writing so beautifully in English it makes your heartache. And there are others like my friend Nazim, who is making baby steps to reach a level of writing which can reach our language. So many nice, decent people,  who reach out and support one another through their artistic efforts, coming from so diverse frames of reference… Poetry, prose, points of view, art from many different perspectives, be it just an artistic need or a social or psychological need. All have important words to impart, all giving of their soul. I delight in reading their efforst, and I delight in them reading mine, and commenting, words of encouragement. This community shows what we, ordinary people, can do. We can create a better world just by sharing and being open with one another. I know this sounds like a hippy trip, 60’s dude trying to lay peace on the world. But Peace is that easy, it is about sharing and being open to each other.

Thanks to all for reading, thank you all for giving me hope.


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I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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