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Anybody who has followed my blog will have realised that I have had a moment of madness. I deleted all of my blogs as an un-requested  grand gesture. This was a long arduous task to completely remove them… But I almost managed it. The reasons for this aberration are private and personal, suffice to say that I had hurt the person who means everything to me.  I thought that this grand gesture would prove my undying love. Apparently, I did not have to prove that, I just had to understand how my familiarity with other writers could be inappropriate. I realise that this caused a great deal of hurt and this was something I never wanted to do. So, after a few days, I felt that some of my poetry and prose was worth keeping. Together, we have managed to patch most of my blogs back together. By using google cache and my twitter tweets, I have reclaimed all the blogs now available on my site. Most have been placed in the archives. The tracks of my years series are new, I’d been planning it since my birthday last week.

I have been a little reticent to create new blogs apart from this, because I’m not sure how I want to continue it forward. I mean, I enjoyed making playlists for each blogs, but it is quite labour intensive. I know that some of my readers enjoy the playlists, but others find it an annoyance. Similarly, as much as I enjoy reading other blogs, with the amount I followed it was taking me more time to read and like their blogs than it was to write my own. So I have cleaved back the amount of follows I give out. This is not because I’m selfish, just because I have so little spare time. I need to create.

I need more time. I’m starting to paint again, write again, I’m even considering doing a sculpture. I hate to be ungracious, but time, at my age, comes at a premium. I have to try to do as much as I can. I want my Grand-daughter to be able to come to this archive and find out who her granddad was… Maudlin, but with my health as it is, I have no guarantee that I will be around that long.

So if I’m not as attentive as I have been, I apologise. If you wish to stop reading my blogs thats quite alright, I realise that your time is valuable too.

Thank you all for making feel at home in this community.

Live in Love


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I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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