On being too old to keep up with the modern world,

‘You don’t have to keep up dear, you just have to keep open’ Anna madrigal in Michael Tolliver Lives by Armistead Maupin.



I am have been very fortunate. At my age, 58 in two weeks time, I should by rights, have been ghettoized in a musical dead-end. Kids from the 50’s would tell us in the 70’s that music began and ended with Elvis and blue -Suede shoes… 60’s teens were back at home with their Beatles and Stones, to riff on a line from Bowie. So, by this equation, I should be shining my fading vinyl of Slade or Bowie and telling my kids… Modern Music is rubbish. Well, there was a period of the 80’s when I felt I had lost the thread of modern music, apart from Talking Heads, Simple Minds and Cocteau Twins… I pretty much missed the 80’s. I found salvation by going to University as a mature Student. Going back to education meant I was once more exposed to the music that other people were listening to. This Took me over the hump into the early 90’s. Here again I lost the direction of music. I had to work in the ministry. No music was allowed. Then again I broke out started working in the theatre and mixed with young people again. Here, my fellow actors introduced me to REM and Nirvana. Amazing revelations. Then my children grew up. They started to listen to new metal and Indy music. So once again, I was exposed to the NEW. Each time I almost became stuck in a ghetto of the past, someone threw me down a live-line. In the late 90’s I had d.j. friends exposing me to dance music, trance and trip-hop. In 2000, I got a computer, and all music was suddenly available. Nowadays all music is available all the time. No excuses, you should never become stuck in a genre… You don’t have to keep up… Just keep open.



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I am a writer of words and a righter of wrongs. I aim to change the world, one person at a time.

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